How does it work?


How do I sign up for the first lesson?

Visit the booking page. If you cannot find a slot that suits you, please contact me to see if I can accommodate your request. Further lessons are booked a week in advance via Calendly system or by verbal agreement during the lesson / correspondence in messengers, and are recorded in our online agendas.


What course fits me?

At the first diagnostic meeting (free of charge), we discuss your previous language learning experience, current needs and level of English proficiency. The duration of the meeting is 30 minutes. Based on the results, I suggest a language programme as well as select a list of materials for the course. This is also an opportunity for us to understand if we are the right fit for each other. Finding a teacher with whom lessons are enjoyable and efficient sometimes takes more than one attempt. It will be great if we get along. If for some reason not, then I really hope that your eventually succeed in your search for an English guru.​

Where do we meet?

Our video meetings take place on Google Meets or Skype. At the appointed time, I will send you a link to the online room. 




Check rates for up-to-date pricing information. I work on a prepayment system. The amount for a single lesson or a package of lessons is paid via transfer to a bank card no later than 8 hours before the start of the class. Packages of 4 lessons are valid for 1 month, 8 lessons - 2 months, 16 lessons - 4 months accordingly. At the end of the term, the unused balance expires.

Cancellations and changes.

Cancellations and rescheduling are possible at least 12 hours before the start of a lesson. In case of late cancellation, the class must be paid for and the amount is deducted from the balance.

If you are late for a class, I will wait for you for a maximum of 15 minutes.


Most of the general English and exam preparation classes are conducted on an interactive learning platform. I will send you your personal login credentials before our first class. All other supplementary lesson materials are stored on your personal page in Notion, along with track record of the classes. It is updated on a weekly basis with homework assignments, links to online sets of vocabulary flashcards and other appropriate materials.