What is Moscow Mate itinerary service?

It is a travel planning service that helps to drastically improve your experience visiting Moscow. The process includes: ◦ an audio call consultation with a travel expert* ◦ design of custom itinerary based on the number of days requested ◦ 1 round of changes ◦ 1 week of email support ◦ extras if booked (help with arranging events tickets, restaurant bookings, etc) *we can can switch to email communication altogether if you prefer it over voice call

What is inside the itinerary?

Each standard itinerary will provide you with (per day): ◦ 1-3 breakfast recommendations depending on the area ◦ Places of interest for post-breakfast nearby ◦ 1-3 lunch recommendations depending on the area ◦ Suggestion for afternoon activity based on your interests ◦ 1-3 dinner recommendations depending on the area ◦ After-dinner activity based on your interests ◦ Online Google Map for all the above The itinerary is logistically optimized, so you don't have to waste time going backwards and forwards from one end of the city to another.

Who is the service for?

The service is recommended both for individuals and small groups, as well as for different budgets. I am experienced with working out travel plans for a range of occasions too, such as ◦ Romantic getaway ◦ Friends/family reunion ◦ Bachelor/bachelorette fun weekend ◦ Corporate getaways ◦ Wedding party weekend Not sure if the service is right for you? Simply get in touch with me at info@moscow-mate.com with all questions.

Do you provide a visa service?

I do not have sufficient accreditation from Russian government to be able to act as visa support services, so the answer is no. If you want to check out some useful tips for visa application process, they are located in the Blog section of the website. There is also an agency, whose services I have personally used numerous times for business and personal related visitors' visa support. Let me know if you need contacts and I will be happy to share.

Can you do bookings and reservations for me?

Moscow Mate is not a travel agency and therefore does not offer certain services like hotel or flights bookings. But I can certainly help out arranging some parts of your experience, like: Restaurant bookings ◦ Airport pick up ◦ Finding good train connections (for e.g. if you would like to set off to St Petersburg as part of the journey) ◦ Even though I can't do hotel bookings, but very happy to provide accommodation recommendations. Theatre tickets research. Many of you request a ballet visit during your stay, and tickets to the renowned Bolshoi theatre are often sold at eye-watering prices at English speaking websites. I can have a look at what's available at Russian sources and guide you through booking process. For charges see 'How does the pricing work?' question above. Could't find what you were looking for? Simply send me a message to see if I can arrange that for you.

Is the service available only for Moscow?

At the moment Moscow Mate itineraries are available for cities of Moscow as well as Saint Petersburg, since it is the most frequently requested combination. If Saint Petersburg is your only destination, entire itinerary for the northern capital of Russia is certainly possible.

How long does will it take to receive my itinerary?

Standard time for delivery of itinerary from the initial consultation is 3 days. Planning can take longer for more complex trips. If you are really short in time and are looking for some recommendations last minute, send me a message and I will see if I can meet your deadline.

I have existing plans/reservations for my trip. Can you incorporate them in my itinerary?

The answer is simply yes. Just put a note of your plans when booking your consultation, or tell me all about them during our talk.

What is your refund policy?

A deposit for itinerary planning services is payable in advance (25 EUR) upon booking a consultation appointment. It covers our 30-minute consultation and design of 1st day of your itinerary. This fee is non-refundable unless I am unable to deliver the service due to unforeseen circumstances. You are also free to request cancellation for any reason prior to consultation and receive a full refund of the deposit by notifying me in writing. In the event if you miss your consultation, the deposit paid is non-refundable, and missed consultation may be re-scheduled depending on availability. Once you confirm the itinerary as satisfactory, all service fees paid are non-refundable. In circumstances when you are not satisfied with the provided itinerary, I will make all efforts to incorporate changes to the travel plan according to your comments. Please visit Terms and Conditions page to familiarize yourself with all terms of service.

How does the pricing work?

The rate for the standard itinerary service including 30 minutes of consultation is 25 EUR. More details on content of each itinerary are outlined in the question above. The standard itinerary is designed for groups up to 4 people for 1st day of travel. ◦ Surcharge per each additional day: 15 EUR. ◦ Restaurant bookings: 5 EUR per day. ◦ Theater/transport tickets research: 10 EUR per request* To receive a custom quote for larger groups/special events/help with bookings please e-mail me at info@moscow-mate.com *Note, that I don't book activities for you that require advance payment. What you receive is a 'bookable' document with links to suggested options, which you simply follow to complete the order

When do I pay?

The payment for service is divided into 2 steps:

  1. A deposit for itinerary planning services is payable in advance (25 EUR) upon booking a consultation appointment. It covers our 30-minute consultation and design of 1st day of your itinerary. Payment can be done online via bank card or Paypal.
  2. The remaining amount for service, if any, after any applicable discounts and deductions is due within 3 working days or before receiving the completed itinerary, whichever event occurs first. Once the itinerary is ready you will get an e-mail with itinerary day 1 as well as invoice and link for online payment of the balance. In case your order included 2 or more days of planning and/or any extra services, the rest will be available to download once the final payment is completed.
Please visit Terms and Conditions page to familiarize yourself with all terms of service.