About Moscow Mate itinerary service 

Hi, I am Katya! This space was created to fulfill my two greatest passions: organizing and being a tourist in my most favourite city. Having lived, worked and studied in numerous destinations including UK, US, Germany and Russia, I always love coming back to Moscow. Frequent visits allow me to discover and test out new places on ever-changing list of venues and activities as well as revisiting long-time favourites. 

You are considering your first-time travel to Moscow and just wish you had a friend living there who could recommend things to do and places to see/avoid? If planning and researching is too overwhelming for you, Moscow Mate is happy to get it covered, as well as provide honest, independent and informed recommendations.   The advice does not focus so much on the details of every single one of the numerous historic sights of the city. I find, that there are plenty of guide books that do this so much better than me. What I personally consider to be 50% of any trip's success, is having a carefully selected list of places in the new destination that reflect your personal idea of having a great time. Be it trying out local (and not so local) cuisine, dancing away to a DJ set in a secret bar, strolling around the park or spending hours admiring art pieces, and so on.


Moscow has so much to offer even for the most demanding visitor. You can skip hours of browsing Tripadvisor and ask me to put together a plan of action based on your interests and budget. I want you to have the best experience in the city, and make sure you want to come back.  

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Moscow Voronezh rooftop
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Standard itinerary service                                           

30 minutes of consultation + plan for 1st day of travel  

max group size  4 people 




additional day


restaurant bookings (per day)

theater/transport tickets research (per request) 

25 EUR   





+15 EUR


+5 EUR

+10 EUR                               

More of your questions answered in FAQ

For any special requests outside this offer e-mail me at moscowmatekate@gmail.com